Jem Chihuahuas


Miniature American Shepherds 

We feel our chosen breeds are two of the most amazing!  Very different in their own right. Chihuahuas are a breed that you must be willing to continuously learn about, and care for well. While they are a sturdy little breed, there are some commonalities of the breed that do not apply to other breeds. Before deciding if the Chihuahua is the dog for you, it is best to study the breed a bit. You can find some useful information here on my web site, but don't stop here! Keep studying until you're sure that the Chihuahua is the breed for you!

MAS... extremely loyal, smart, and FUN! They love to try hard to please you and are a very versatile breed. Literally up for anything! 

The Chi LIVES to LOVE YOU! If you decide to adopt or purchase a Chihuahua, he or she will be a companion that you will surely love and treasure in return. Keep in mind though that the Chihuahua is a dog that THRIVES on and desperately wants and needs your love and attention. If you can not give a Chihuahua sufficient time, care, and love, this is NOT the breed for you.

Jem Chihuahuas & MAS

We are a small exhibitor / breeder of CH Chihuahuas and Mini American Shepherds located in Indiana, and only have a limited number of  puppies per year. We breed for ourselves first and foremost. Our goal with each litter bred is to produce beautiful, healthy, show quality puppies that conform to the AKC Chihuahua & Miniature American Shepherd Breed Standard. We raise each litter in our home, under foot, with the utmost care and forethought. We are often planning the breeding of our next "show stopper" years in advance!

From the time our pups are born they are constantly handled, loved, and cared for very attentively. Raising a litter, if done properly, is hard work! But it is what we truly enjoy. To plan a breeding, raise and train the pups, and then have fun with them in the show ring and hopefully go on to accomplish great things together!  We also enjoy seeing our dogs in the ring with others and contributing to the pure bred gene pool. But alas, our dogs are not just show dogs. They are family members! Each has his or her own personality, and a special place in our home and our hearts.

Proud Member of the following
AKC Member Kennel Clubs:

Land of Lincoln Chihuahua Club
Chihuahua Club of Michigan

If we have dogs available, they are placed in their new homes with a strict General Terms-Spay/Neuter Contract (if not already spayed/neutered,) and also a Health Guarantee. Our puppies will be at least 12 weeks old (8 wks for MAS) before leaving our home, and in many cases, 5-7 months old if they have been held back for evaluation as a show prospect. They will be well socialized and have a good start on house and crate and litter box training. We work hard to start these basics and hopefully ease the transition from our home into the new family they are destined for. Occasionally we will also have retired adults available as well. All of our dogs will be current on vaccination/health care at the time they leave us.

We place our dogs in qualified homes ONLY after careful consideration of the new family, and the new environment in which they will live. This includes many details about their new homes. Children? Other pets? Work schedules? Home environment? These are all questions (and more!) we will ask during our placement process. The more a prospective family can share with us, the better! We take these measures to ensure that our dogs will be much loved and well taken care of. We also find it very important to continue a good relationship with our "Jem" owners long after they have left our home. We are available for help and advice throughout the lifetime of our dogs, and very much enjoy updates and pictures as they grow and mold into the wonderful little companions we know they will be.