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Do you REALLY get what you pay for?

YES! Absolutely!

There are many expenses involved in raising and showing dogs, THE CORRECT WAY.

By "Correct Way" I mean in a manner that betters the breed and in a fashion that I can truly offer you a well bred, properly vetted, and socialized puppy or dog. At the end of the day, I don't even come close to breaking even on my dogs. I do this because I love the breed, and it gives me great joy to raise, train, and show great dogs and also be able to occasionally offer a wonderful companion to the pet buying public.

Some have asked, "Why are your dogs so expensive?"

Lets start by breaking it down in one of the simplest ways. Our companion puppy prices start at $3500. A Chihuahua most often lives a minimum of 12-14 years. $3500 broken down over 14 years is $250 dollars per year. $20.83 per month. Yep... Twenty dollars and eighty three cents per month. $0.69 per DAY. I bet its probably safe to say, that like me, you've probably spent MORE money on LESS fulfilling things in your life on a DAILY basis. Now yes, of course there are many more costs involved in owning a dog. But what I'm trying to convey here is that the love and constant companionship that this animal will give you over the next 14+ years really comes at very little expense in regards to purchase price. Not to mention you have my support and advice throughout the dogs lifetime. Whenever you need it. Period. That is a big deal! Do you honestly think that the person that sells you a dog for $150 posted on a road side sign or in the newspaper is going to be there to answer your questions for the next 14+ years? Day or night? I doubt it.

Ok, so on to more details.

I spare no time, love, effort or expense in raising my dogs.

My costs:

(Holy moly, I'm not even sure that I want to see this in writing! HA!)

It starts with an initial purchase of ONE show quality Chihuahua - $3500.00+

Show entry fees and expenses for each show to attain a Championship title - This can be really subjective, but bare minimum is probably $3000 to get that first title.

Health testing - Cardiac, Patellar Luxation, CERF (eyes) and registration fees with CERF and OFA.

Roughly $45-100 PER test, $15 Registration per test.

Stud service if an outside male is used, if not you need to purchase one of your own.  - $500-$2500

Daily Feed - Veterinary care - ????

Pregnancy care and vet costs for the dam:

Chihuahuas are small dogs, they very often have to have C-Sections, and we are lucky to get 2-3 pups. C-Sections cost anywhere from $1000-$3500 depending on the time of day pups choose to arrive and whether ER Vets are needed or not.

Xrays, Ultrasounds, the list goes on and on. And that's if things go smoothly.

Newborn puppy care, dewclaw removal, vet checks, vaccinations, spays/neuters... - ???

See where I'm going with this?

The expenses are huge. The profit?  - $0.

And all of that? It doesn't even come CLOSE to the time, love and daily care (and sometimes heartache) invested on my part.

Whats that? You don't care if your puppy is from show quality or finished Champions that have been health tested?

You don't want the extensive health guarantee we offer? You'll opt for the pup in the newspaper that's $250?

Ok, then be prepared, that you are likely not going to get exactly what you are looking for. That beautiful little apple headed, well socialized puppy that is healthy with a wonderful temperament and under 6 lbs.; that puppy of your dreams.

What you may find for $250 in the newspaper may not even resemble a chihuahua when its full grown.

You'll do the initial training and socialization? Really? Because it starts AT BIRTH and is continued throughout the dogs lifetime. Chances are we are already working on this long before you have even decided to look for a new companion.

If these things aren't important to you, and you are willing to take on an animal that could possibly come with many issues, I suggest you adopt an animal in need from your local rescue.

All of this I mention only to try to explain to you that this is truly a labor of love. The profit I receive in this hobby is the joy that my dogs bring me every day.  The joy that I know they bring their new families. It doesn't come in monetary form, the price you pay for your pup/dog just helps me with some expenses now and then.

I urge you to truly think about these things when you are looking for your next family member. I guarantee you will save yourself a lot of time and heartache if you research and purchase your pup/dog from a reputable show breeder that is as invested as I am.

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